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Filter Plate

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Chamber Press Filter Plate

*The material of filter plate is high quality TPE elastomer plus PP from Sinopec both flexible like rubber and tenacious and rigid. The filter plate takes shape by 4600 tons molding press and be sized by press equipment. In the end the filter plates will be machined or drilled or trimmed by CNC milling machine. The planeness of filter plate is below 25 μm with nice seal to prevent the slurry from leaking. *Comparing with other company, The filtration speed of Bright filter plate increases by 20%.The improvement of density, strength, anti-fatigue, anti-aging is doubled.

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Membrane Filter plate

Price: 50-1000 USD USD ($)

Max. squeezing pressure upto 4.0Mpa, Long service life Reduced Filtration cycle time Increased Cake dry solids Improved cake wash capability